Sneaking Music Into The Movies, or how to use iPods in movie theaters

Part of having an iPod is the need to use it. And use it in any situation possible. One of the most interesting places that you can use an iPod is in a movie theater.

Obviously there are a number of issues with using an iPod in a movie theater. You need to play it at a volume low enough that only you can hear, and not your neighbors; if a cell phone is rude, then how rude would a music-player be? You also need to be aware that some theaters do not like to see their patrons with electronics of any kind; the fear of bootleggers runs too deep.

Why would you want to bring an iPod into a movie theater? Most common situations are:

1. The most obvious reason is so that you can survive a bad movie, one that is so bad that you know that you lose brain cells just walking in, but nonetheless need to see either for class.

2. When your friends have picked the movie and have dragged you along.

3. You may also be a serious movie geek, and so have downloaded trailers and images from the movie to share with friends, as well as podcasts about the movie, or related to it, and want to bring them so you can share them with friends.

4. You may just want the vicarious feeling of doing something naughty, or want a back-up plan in case the movie is annoying.

5. You could have chosen a bad movie on purpose in order to take advantage of the air conditioning, and need something to keep your mind off the movie.
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Other Uses for iPods, or farewell to the times when iPod was just a good audio player:)

iPods have added more capabilities; not only can they handle audio, a number of them can handle video and images as well. Because of these added capabilities, a lot of people are creating a lot of content for iPods in preference to other content.

Obviously online video is changing. In a way, iPods have frozen the technology, as the videos are essentially perfect as they are for iPod purposes. The screen size is great for the small screens, and the low memory size allows a number of them to be downloaded into the device. And this applies to more than just the funny stuff; obviously you can download all the usual parodies, satires, and just funny clips, but it also means that you can have anime music videos, personal movies, and even episodes of some television programs available for play anytime. Grandmothers can share videos of their cutest and dearest, allowing them yet more ways to annoy and embarrass their children and grandchildren.

Other Uses of iPod
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Making Her Happy With Less Effort

The problem with the digital age is that has so many options that they scare people. When it comes to romance, there are so many options that it’s far easier to see the computer as something that steals the soul from romance rather than explore its possibilities. So, rather than look at its cold, silicon heart, let’s see if we can’t find something a bit…warmer.

making her happy

The big difference between men and women is that guys like things that they can touch (statues, watches, and other potential clutter), whereas women like items that provide a visual memory. Besides being easier to deal with, they are easier to bring out and create conversations about. They can also provide a way to see just how their family and friends have changed over the years. Because of this factor, anything that involves photos will be a natural gift for the woman in your life.

You can start nice and easy: Put all of her favorite pictures, as well as some of your own, into a single folder on her computer. You then have two options: slide show or screen saver Just point the screen saver at the folder, and the screen saver can randomly throw out the pictures, one at a time. You may find that she lets her screen saver go into effect just so that she can see some picture she may have forgotten about it. The slide show can be as simple or as complicated as you want. The best thing you can do is to create a slide show with some romantic music and a simple interface; you would be surprised how much effect a simple program can have! Here is how to do that.

Galleries are another nice thing to do. Take all of the fun and romantic pictures of her and you, and compile the best ones; no more than a hundred or more (enough so that there is a definite variety, but not too many that it can get boring at looking at them). It’s okay to do a series, maybe even as many as four or five, where you combine 10-15 pictures of the same basic pose, but try to keep the majority unique as possible. She’ll love it, if for no other reason than that she can send her friends the URL and they can talk about it while looking at the same gallery at the same time without having to be in the same room.

And if that’s fun, create a website just for the two of you. It’s not that hard to program you’re own site, especially if you take advantage of a site that allows you to build a site based on a few pictures a few lines of text. It can take a few hours, and requires a good idea of what you want, but the only thing that you need is a few hours. If you really want to impress her, spend a few dollars for a domain name; it won’t cost much, and if you combine it with a gallery, she’ll have it become a popular site in no time, as she spreads it among her friends, or just checks in on it from time to time.

Of course, don’t forget the tangibles. You can order flowers online, but don’t stop there. You can create T-shirts, lingerie, and even teddy bears online. All you need is a little creativity, a graphics program of some sort, and a little time, and you can design an entire wardrobe, then throw in a few accessories, like personally designed totes, and she’ll love you if not what you create. Impressing her isn’t that hard; just have fun doing it and she may be impressed with your creativity!

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Music IP Mixer – when your music library is too big and you are too lazy

No, MusicIP Mixer is not an organizer. It analyzes the songs on your pc and creates palylists for you. Certainly there are people who have all songs in perfect order soted by albums, artists, genre and what not. When these people want to listen to music they always know what exact song they want right now. If you are one of them F7 button is all you need.

As for me, all my songs are randomly placed in different folders, not sorted by any criteria and what is most terrible I am too lazy to create playlists for every mood (I have lots of moods and never know what I would like to listent to next time). MusicIP Mixer does the job for me. I click a song I feel like to hear and the tool creates a playlist for me based on its previous analysis of my music library. There are two advantages of the tool for me (and people like me): first, it saves my time creating a playlist for me. Second, it includes the songs that I have already forgotten about in the playlist and I have the chance to listen to all the songs available from my pc, not only those that I remember about. It’s kind of random choice but all the songs in the playlist have something in common.

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I have stumbled upon MusicBrainz lately. The site turned out to be worth spreading the word about. It seems that guys are creting the largest music metadatabase, created and maitained by users.

Every song has music metadata that includes artist name, release title and the list of tracks. And most people like to have this info to create music collections or just to see what is being played.

When you convert audio files with Total Audio Converter it searches Free DB database to get metadata for your songs. MusicBrainz tries to create an even larger database using free users’ hands. This means that any person can add some info or edit the existing one. All the info collected by users is given to public via free tools (though they urge you to donate them at least $10:). So if you failed to find metadata of some song there is a chance that you will find it in Music Brainz.

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Five Things To Pay Attention To Buying Software Online

There are hundreds of guides like How To Buy A TV that describe all the things people should know buying certain things. We decided to create one for users who purchase software on-line.

1. Make sure the tool can do exactly what you need. If you can’t find the necessary option in the description read Features list. In case you still wonder whether the tool fits your needs, email support team and ask them. Doing that you will also find out how the company treats its customers. Beware buying the tool ‘expecting’ that it will do what you need. You will never get a refund on the basis “I thought it can do it, but it can’t”.
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Quick Overview of Audio Formats: couldn’t there be just one?

Today there are dozens of different audio formats. The reason of that I think lies in the attempt to create a better compression scheme. And they achieved amazing results in that. For example, mp3 can squash your song to 1/11 of the original size, still retaining considerable quality. The advantage of mp3 format is also its widespread acceptance. Most audio players including iPods support it.

To compete against mp3 Microsoft introduced WMA. This can also compress audio files with a loss in quality that many people will not distinguish. It’s the second widespread audio format today (thanks to Microsoft’s aggressive promotion).
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5 easy steps to create a great avatar from a photo

Internet gave us a chance to completely hide our identity. You may speak out in numerous forums and nobody will know who you are. But only timid persons like that. Most people prefer to show who they are using avatars – small pictures near the user info. These pictures can be of all possible kinds: from animals to pretty faces of sexy models. And there are some very brave ones use their own photos:)
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CoolUtils Bundle Part 2

So you bought CoolUtils Pro Bundle and got around 49 useful programs for such a small price. Let’s see what can CoolUtils tools do for you if you like music. How can CoolUtils tools help you in that?

First, you definitely need an audio converter. Today audio tracks can be of dozens of different formats and not all of them are supported by your iPod or other mp3 player. Just get Total Audio Converter do the job. It supports almost all popular audio formats and can convert them to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, CDA, ACC, APE, MPP. Note that Total Audio Converter has a built-in CD ripper. That means that you may rip tracks from CD’s and upload them to your iPod in the neccessary format.

As most of CoolUtils products you do not have to launch TAC to convert your files. Just select the file on your desktop and make right button mouse click. In the popup menu you will see options like Play, Rename, Delete. Choose Convert To.

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How do you spend your free time in the run up to the holidays?

Free time? What’s that? Modern technology is supposed to save us time but lots of it takes ages to learn, so where’s the time saving in that? CoolUtils believes technology should be easy to use – for everyone! If your boss gave you two hours to convert a pdf to html just get our Total PDF Converter and do the job in 5 minutes! So what can you do with the remaining 115 minutes? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

Sleeping in
Ever woken up in the morning with the vague feeling that you have overslept? Now you can snooze on for at least an hour before you’re officially late for work  

Festive food is much more than brussel sprouts and Christmas pudding. This year take some time to cook something that YOU like:

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