CoolUtils Bundle Part 1

Many people that have bought CoolUtils PRO bundle do not use most of the programs. Just because they don’t know what exactly they are for. But as you paid us money we feel it right to show how you can benefit by every program you paid. If you haven’t bought your bundle yet, read the article to know what you can get. The first set describes what can CoolUtils tools do for you if you have a digital camera (and most probably you do have one).

Advanced Opportunities for Digital Camera Owners

Most digital camera owners that bought their cameras not long ago can be divided into two groups. The first one consists of those who being professionals in using pc’s have no poblems in working with images. They easily download, print, rename, resize, rotate, create slidshows, convert their photos. If all these verbs mean nothing particular to you, you belong to the second group. This group is considerably bigger  so you are not alone.
Let’s make things clear. Imagine that you took a lot of nice pictures with your new digital camera and downloaded them to your pc. What’s next?

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Old CD Collection – the Free Source of Music for your iPod

The world is changing. New technologies come and old ones have to die. The gramophone records were substituted by tapes. Many of us still remember the first “portable” audio player – a cassette-tape-playing two-speaker monster. Then a revolutionary Sony Walkman came. When the first CD-based player was introduced, the era of tapes came to the end. Who would care about tapes if new CD’s were of better quality, and you could fit more music on them.

People like to have music to accompany them. And people do not like big heavy things to carry about. So the players were becoming thinner and lighter. This has led to the era of digital music and first mp3 players were bought. Today, about one half of American teenagers, own at least one portable audio. About 10% of all adults aged 35-54  own an mp3 player as well.

Is it time to throw away your old CD collection? Most people who buy iPods eventually forget about their bulky CDs and go to iTunes to get songs they want. Well, there are people that like to overpay. Not my friend Rob. Rob wouldn’t pay twice for music. Once Rob decided to get an iPod instead of his old walkman. But Rob didn’t forget about his CD’s and made most out of them. He ripped the tracks to his laptop and converted them to mp3 format. So now he enjoys his favorite albums on his new stylish iPod.

And to my mind he is absolutely right. Why overpay for your songs? Most people used to listen to CD’s before they bought iPods and other mp3 players. And most people dodn’t stop liking the albums they used to like at the moment of iPod purchase. But we all are told to go to iTunes and pay for the tracks if we have iPods. Certainly we will do that for the new albums but not for those we already have. Someone might think it’s too complicated to rip CD’s, convert tacks to another format and all that stuff. Not at all! All you have to do is to get a CD ripper and a CD converter. For example, Total Audio Converter will both rip your CD and convert the tracks to mp3. Just insert the CD and make a couple of clicks.

P.S. There is a way to get Total Audio Converter for $2.67.

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Software must be free?

We have recently made a poll with a question: what would you like to improve about Total Audio Converter? Half of all our users answered that we should give TAC for free. But we do not and will not. Are we so greedy for money?

What’s the point of all that ‘software must be free’ fuss? Some people believe that software is intangible and making another copy costs nothing. So the manufacturer can not and must not sell software for money. Well I wish it were so! If that really cost us nothing! And what about money for developing, updating, supporting, promotion or just traffic? We do the work we love but we still want to eat sometimes:)

Sure, there is free software. But the situation is complicated. When the program is offered for free that often means that you will be asked to pay either for support or for updates. Or you will enjoy adware while using the tool. It’s just another way to sell software.

What is more dangerous is all types of viruses, trojans and other scam that will upload to your pc with the free utility. To get rid of them may cost ten times more than a paid license. As the proverb says we are not so rich to get free software.

I will not speak about different cracks. That’s just theft. It is up to your conscience to use it or not.

Free software – do you really want it? Isn’t it safer to pay $19.90 and enjoy the legal product with decent support and free upgrades?

P.S. Still there are free ways to get music for iPods:)

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