QPEL Is Not Supported

QpelNotSuppotedBad day, hard work and finally you are on your sofa with your favorite beer ready to relax with a new movie. You inject the disc and .. Oops! QPEL IS NOT SUPPORTED message spoils the evening! Very frustrating, isn’t it?

Qpel (or quarterpixel) is not officially supported by many DVD players, but somehow it can be played on some of them. If you are not so lucky CoolUtils offers a solution:) Total Movie Converter will fix the problem in minutes. Just convert your unsupported movie to MPEG!

Burn the converted video file to a disc and enjoy the movie. This time only the poor acting or a bad plot may frustrate you;)

Download the latest version of Total Movie Converter.

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One thought on “QPEL Is Not Supported”

  1. All of your converters are great!! This solution works well for even my 7+yr old player. The only other item I would consider to add to these programs would be the ability to print via stand alone or via word processor, the file names as inserts to the disk holders.

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