Report Blank Pages

blank pagesDo you know how many pages in your multi-page PDF files are in fact blank? No, but who cares of blank pages, you may ask. Many of us do. In case you deal with official papers blank pages can spoil everything.

They lead to a wrong page count and make the file weight more. Sure each page is about 1 kb. But in case of a hundred-page PDF file it may be important.

So how to fight blank pages? Tiff PDF Cleaner detects and deletes them from all your TIFF and PDF files in minutes. If you do not want delete blank pages try our new Report option.

The program will provide you with a report about your multi-page TIFF and PDF files. You will see what files contain blank pages. Other important info like path or page count is also included into the report. You may get the report as a text or excel or pdf file. Based upon the report you may decide to delete the blank pages or leave them.

blank pages in PDF

Get the new version of TIFF PDF Cleaner at the home page. Registered user get it for free (install it over your existing version). New user are welcome to buy the key at our online store.

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