Sign PDF Feature for CoolUtils Converters

sign pdf

CoolUtils continues extending the functionality of its file converters, paying more attention on data protection facilities. New Sign PDF feature gives ability to protect documents converted to PDF with the help of digital signature. This novelty is currently offered in converters that support PDF target format, notably Total HTML Converter, Total PDF Converter, Total Doc Converter, Total Excel Converter and Total Mail Converter.

The new feature is available for numerous document conversion modes, such as:

Doc to PDF sign PDF
DocX to PDF + digital signature
XLS to PDF + digital signature
XLSX to PDF + digital signature
HTML to PDF + digital signature
EML to PDF + digital signature

Electronic digital signature provides higher level of data safety. The information in PDF copies of your HTML, Doc, Excel or email originals now can be protected for any type of modification. Now you have ability to check whether a PDF document has been modified since it was signed with digital signature. Even protected by password, PDF documents are vulnerable to unauthorised modification. To access the signed file, a user needs to have a unique key. You can limit the circle of users for your PDF documents, sending them digital keys for opening signed files.

The digital signature also makes it impossible to fabricate the authorship. The signature is based on the document content processed by powerful encryption algorithms. It is impossible to fabricate the same signature by malefactor. Moreover digital signature allows checking the integrity of document’s content. If it was changed, the signature will also be modified. In such a way, by applying Sign PDF feature you protect both the authorship and data integrity.

Sign PDF option is implemented in all aforementioned converters similarly. Once tried it, you will be able to apply digital signature for all PDF conversions, regardless of what converter you use. The updated versions with Sign PDF option are already available for downloading from Choose either of free trial or licensed versions.

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