Software must be free?

We have recently made a poll with a question: what would you like to improve about Total Audio Converter? Half of all our users answered that we should give TAC for free. But we do not and will not. Are we so greedy for money?

What’s the point of all that ‘software must be free’ fuss? Some people believe that software is intangible and making another copy costs nothing. So the manufacturer can not and must not sell software for money. Well I wish it were so! If that really cost us nothing! And what about money for developing, updating, supporting, promotion or just traffic? We do the work we love but we still want to eat sometimes:)

Sure, there is free software. But the situation is complicated. When the program is offered for free that often means that you will be asked to pay either for support or for updates. Or you will enjoy adware while using the tool. It’s just another way to sell software.

What is more dangerous is all types of viruses, trojans and other scam that will upload to your pc with the free utility. To get rid of them may cost ten times more than a paid license. As the proverb says we are not so rich to get free software.

I will not speak about different cracks. That’s just theft. It is up to your conscience to use it or not.

Free software – do you really want it? Isn’t it safer to pay $19.90 and enjoy the legal product with decent support and free upgrades?

P.S. Still there are free ways to get music for iPods:)

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6 thoughts on “Software must be free?”

  1. I recently purchased total audio converter. I have tried every way that I know how and I cannot get it downloaded or installed. I have gone to several web sites and I am told there are errors in transmitting.

    If this cannot be fixed then I will have the charge removed from my credit card.

    Please help soon…Thanks

  2. I dont think TAC is very expensive! Well I bought it in France so the prices are different ;) . When I was looking for an UMX converter, all of free converters were totally crap, but TAC is just perfect! Very fast, easy to use, light and can convert many files to mp3, mp4, wav etc, which’s really good :). If I had to suggest an Audio converter, I’ll recommend this program :)

  3. I am glad you decided to start explaining some of the software. Hope there will be more. I have attempted to use most of what I bought, though sometimes I run into varying degrees of difficulty understanding how it all works. Thanks again. Will be looking forward to more.



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