Split PDF By Odd/Even Pages

With the help of common software it will take a huge amount of time. However, you can use PDF Splitter that is able to split PDF by odd pages within one simple button click.

split pdf filesSome printers are not adjusted for printing PDF files in duplex mode and user experiences problems when trying to do this manually – by printing each page separately and then turning the paper list over in order to print the next page on the opposite side. It is far more convenient to extract odd/even pages to separate documents and then print them in two sessions – one for odd and another for even pages. There are a lot of other problems that are solved by splitting PDF files by even and odd pages.

Even if it is possible to do this with the help of common software, it will take a huge amount of time, just the same as if you printed pages one by one. However you can use PDF Splitter that is able to split PDF by odd pages within one simple button click. As a result you can get each page saved in separate file or all odd/even pages in one single file. User is able to choose any mode he needs.
In order to get all odd or even pages saved separately, you should do the next:

• Select proper PDF source file in the navigation pad
• Click �Split to PDF’ button
• Go to �Extract pages’ inlay
• Check �Extract only EVEN pages’ or �Extract only ODD pages’ according to your needs.

Get sure that Combine mode is unchecked. Otherwise your pages will be combined in one or a few files.

split pdf by odd pages

If you need to split PDF by even pages and combine all even pages into one or a few files, you should do the same actions plus enable Combine mode in the inlay of the same name. When processing a few files at a time, all their odd or even pages will be combined together.

The process of splitting PDF files becomes extremely simple with the help of PDF Splitter. Download the utility right now and try it on your files.

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  1. great,
    have you tried CLPrint from commandlinepdf.com? It has command line option overview. Tried the demo and very satisfied with the result.
    Perhaps you can share your knowledge about this app?

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