Total Outlook Converter Now Processes Chinese Language Better

convert chinese emails
Our development team is always working on improving the service we deliver to our customers. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and provide better user experience. Today we have some good news for our Chinese users. We’ve implemented some changes to our Total Outlook Converter: now it can process emails, written in Chinese language, faster and more accurately.
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How To Convert Outlook Emails – Video

outlook converter videoYes, we have developed a great Outlook converter. By our users’ requests we have been constantly adding new options. It’s good unless it hurts the simple/powerful ratio. One day we realized that a 6-step setting wizard may be a nightmare for a new user. So we are offering a helping hand to our new users who wish to use Total Outlook Converter. This new video explains all the options in 5 minutes.
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New Search Option in Total Outlook Converter Pro

find emailOne of our customers asked for a new option in Total Outlook Converter Pro. “Is it possible, to filter the Emails in the mask, where all Emails are listed, whre they need to be checkmarked. Like a filter-search in Outlook, so I can make a search for specific Emails in Totalt Outlook converter, in which will only be shown the filter result for converting? So that I doní have to go through all the list of all Emails per Postbox?”

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Convert Outlook Emails With Embedded Images to PDF, DOC, TIFF

convert emails with images

When emails contain a lot of important graphic attachments, it would be highly useful to save them together with converted email copies. You will not lose any statistic graphs, brochures, illustrations and photos, if use Total Outlook Converter Pro. This program is able to convert Outlook emails and embedded images to PDF, DOC, TIFF and other formats.

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