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Old Menu Bar Is Back

Sometimes old programs are better than new ones (I wish Windows learnt this lesson!). We introduced a new Total Image Converter some time ago. Here, at CoolUtils, we thought you will like it. However, we got a ton of emails asking for an old program back!

CoolUtils Photo Story 1 – Kids

Here is a small photo story about CoolUtils. While the famous coolutils converters are developed by big serious adults, there is a kid in each of them. And a kid next to the feet of each of them. Our kids is smth that inspires us and makes us move forward.

CoolUtils Is 100% Safe

The web today is full of harmful sites, viruses and annoying adware. is quite different. And it is quite easy for us: we host only our own programs and always reject any offer to add some adware into our installers (we get them every month!). We want our users to get the best file • Read More »