Convert Video From YouTube, Vimeo, Sevenload

Why waste time? New Total Movie Converter converts videos directly from video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo or Sevenload.

convert video from webLike some video on YouTube or Vimeo or Sevenload? Sure you can download it to your hard drive with different applications. But then you will have to convert it to the video format you need. Why waste time? New Total Movie Converter converts videos directly from video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo or Sevenload.
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How to upload HD Video to the web?

Until now poor people with HD cameras searched numerous forums to find a solution to this problem. They are advised to re-encode the video file, change the codec or convert to other video format.

hd video to the webA common situation: you make a home movie about your baby using your HD camera and then want to share this video with your family and friends. You can upload it to YouTube or other sites for free. The problem is that normally HD video files are of very large size. For example, an 8 sec HD video file is about 24 Mb in size. Unbelievable – just eight seconds! Besides, the resolution of HD video is 1920×1080, which is not acceptable for many players.
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How To Choose The Best Video Converter?

You have a lot of videos on your PC you would like to convert to other formats, but you do not know which converter to choose. Here is a brief guide on what makes a good converter that will help you make a correct decision.

video converterAs of today, many of us are strong on the quality of video and audio materials stored on our PCs. This has long been a problem, because high quality vids are too large for online transfer, and it is hardly possible to compress a file without detriment to the quality. Besides, it is not always easy to find a versatile and fast-working video converter.

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Convert Videos From YouTube

So welcome the new version of Total Movie Converter! It can convert video files from YouTube site.

VideoConverter Right after we have added the option of converting audio from YouTube clips to Total Audio Converter we got numerous emails from our customers. All of them asked (demanded) us to add the same option to Total Movie Converter. That’s fair enough – a good video converter must be able to convert videos from YouTube directly.
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Increase Volume In Video Files

New Total Movie Converter can increase the volume of the video file. You select the desired gain in dB that will be added to all channels in the stream.

A common problem of video files is the volume. The DVD that was not ripped properly often is too silent. What if video converters were able to increase the volume of video file while conversion? That would be great! And that is already real;)
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QPEL Is Not Supported

Qpel (or quarterpixel) is not officially supported by many DVD players, but somehow it can be played on some of them. If you are not so lucky CoolUtils offers a solution:)

QpelNotSuppotedBad day, hard work and finally you are on your sofa with your favorite beer ready to relax with a new movie. You inject the disc and .. Oops! QPEL IS NOT SUPPORTED message spoils the evening! Very frustrating, isn’t it?
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