Top 5 Free Services to Convert GIF to PNG Reviewed

With an understanding of why you might want to find a GIF to PNG converter, here are the best five free services to do the job.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is so-named because they tend to be universally accepted across media and platforms. The good thing about PNG files is when turned to animations the file can support 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency, something you cannot achieve with a GIF. So, with an understanding of why you might want to find a GIF to PNG converter, here are the best five free services to do the job.

CoolUtils Online Image Converter
Start with the friendliest of online GIF to PNG converter. You would choose this online tool because of its simplicity. You click select, choose your file, select your convert option – here it would be PNG, but you can convert to many others. Then, you click to download the converted file, and the job is done.


  • runs online – no program download needed
  • you can take the image right from the web page
  • there are resize and rotate tools


  • you can only convert one image at a time – but if you purchase the Total Image Converter from CoolUtils, which has many great features, you can batch process images.

Another simple online tool, where you follow the flow diagram across the screen in a simple four-step process.


  • runs online – no program download needed
  • works from any web browser and straight from the URL
  • Download link sent to email, so you don’t have to wait


  • only convert one image at a time
  • the conversion can be a little slow.

A graphic and a video converter, this is useful – although slightly more complex – online conversion tool.


  • supports bulk conversions
  • convert images from URL
  • many image formats supported


  • the advertising
  • the speed – feels slow and you really do need to wait for the link in your email account

Considered one of the better tools out there because it offers lots of choices – however, this makes it a little more complicated to use than some other packages on offer.


  • it can do pretty much everything you need it to do – including animated graphics
  • can handle batch conversions
  • you can download a portable option


  • it would help if you had some IT confidence
  • you have to download the software to your computer

If you choose the free easy-to-use package, then you can click and drag your images in and queue them up ready for conversion. Still converted one at a time, but the option to queue makes life a lot easier.


  • easy to use
  • files available immediately
  • no need to upload images to get the conversion


  • not available as a SaaS, so software download needed
  • down PNG to GIF and GIF to PNG – but there are not a lot of other choices.

GIF to PNG converters are plentiful and most simple to use. Selecting a SaaS gives you the option to dip in and out of your converter without crowding your computer space. Yet, with some of the more complex packages, and maybe even opting to purchase an upgraded converter, gives you the option to batch convert and adapt the image before download.

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