Total Audio Converter – new interface. Discuss:)

We are currently developing the new interface of Total Audio Converter. And we wanted to discuss with you the first sketches.

TACWe are currently developing the new interface of Total Audio Converter. And we wanted to discuss with you the first sketches.

Many of our users use Windows Explorer. So Total Audio Converter should be more compatible with it. Now it has the feel and look of Explorer file tree and common options. Besides, we wanted to care about iTunes fans. So now you can take the files that you want to convert from iTunes or iPods and later automatically save the newly converted files back to iTunes.

We thought it a good idea to divide the interface into 2 parts (“face” and “back”). In the “face” you select files for the conversion. Note you can select files from your hard drive as well as from CDs, iPods, Zunes, or dictaphones. Sure drag and drop from the desktop will work too. New – you can select tracks from different folders.

After you created the list of files for conversion you select the target formats in the right. After that press Convert button and the process starts. New – TAC predicts the size of the output file.


After the files are converted you see the “back”. Here you select where to put the newly converted files. As you see the list of options is wide enough. You may save files to one folder keeping (or not) the structure. Alternatively, you may write the files to a CD with your standard burning app. Or send the files in attachment of an email. Or send them via bluetooth to your cell phone. Or save them to your iTunes library to copy to your iPod afterwards.


How it works: Imagine you are going on a vacation and want to fit as much music into your mp3 player as possible. You select the songs from different folders and create one big list of files that you want to take with you. Then TAC helps you to convert them to the format you need. In case you do not like the result (i.e. the quality is too low and you want the higher bitrate) press Reconvert button. When you are satisfied TAC helps you to upload the converted songs directly to your player.

So it’s just an idea. What do you think?

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  1. In the new version, please allow for a setup option that keeps the old interface if desired. It does work well, once you get used to it. Thanks!

  2. Hi there,

    Where is the new interface of total audio converter??????
    It’s a year back now…..!

    K.R. Arno

  3. I’m very fond of the austere design style of iTunes and Mac applications, and this sketch closely resembles this style, although I’m a bit overwhelmed by the great amount of information that is presented to the user.

    Some detailled suggestions for improvement:

    – the icons should be of very high and detailed quality (maybe they are, but I can’t tell by the screenprint); their size is a bit disproportional compared to the rest of the interface;
    – an austere design style calls for a sans serif font: arial is a good option;
    – the font size of a number of tekstbuttons is too large. Resizing them to a smaller size will increase the magic appearance;
    – in MHO the convert-button is a dissonant in the design. It should be a graphic button with a smaller sans serif font on it. The collor red for the text is not appropriate;
    – the file explorer part in this design makes it difficult to gain a clear view of the music titles. In fact, I prefer the current design which is more conform the general format like in burning applications. It thus is more intuitive in its handling, although choosing convert options can be simplified by moving them to the bottom of the screen and making buttons of them.

    Some general remarks:
    – I think it might be a good idea to release a shareware-version and an official version that can be downloaded after having registered;
    – The official version should be cleaned from commercial information suggesting that users should spent more money (in the current version even on the same product). The consumer will feel rewarded for buying a serial key if a version of the program is received that is cleared from typical shareware attributes. In addtion, if the product has proven quality, consumers will be intrinsically motivated to buy (additional) software from CoolUtil;
    – The most essential options to stay in touch with CoolUtil are a link to the CoolUtil website, a link to the supportsite (with FAQ’s on it), checking for updates (with an option to check automatically or manually), and an about-section in the program;
    – The about-section should contain exact information about the version (e.g., 3.10.3). This is missing currently and I’m very into having the latest version. The website nor the program gives clear information about the version;
    – In the current version, I don’t like the fact that my e-mail address is shown. My name with the serial key bought is the best option. It will also make users with an invalid serial key more aware of their piracy.

    For the rest: a great program with excellent value for money!

    I really appreciate the professional approach by CoolUtil. Commercial enterprises really listening to their customers and being very responsive towards them, still is a rare thing.

    Keep up the good work!

    Harold Miesen, Assitant Professor Online Marketing

  4. yes I like the new look

    i’d like that in addition to an ipod feel you do two things
    a) provide a convert to aac option that says highest ipod compatible quality – I converted all my files at too high a rate intially
    b) provide apple lossless (ALAC) compatibility

  5. There is so much BS packed on your “free trial” – like stopping every 5% and a limit of 2/3 converstion – WHICH YOU DON’T MENTION IN ADVANCE that I really have no interest in screwing around with you folks. What is the NEXT layer of BS after I buy the basic version – incessant ads to “upgrade?”. You blew any trust I might have given you – and your “comments” look suspiciously like employee-written “testimonials” You can’t even handle .rar files, which are the most common and not under protection, BTW… Your “trial” lasted about ten minutes……

    CoolUtils: First, we do not cheat you. We never say that TAC is free, it’s shareware. That means that you may try the program before bying it. The free demo version is never full-optional in shareware products.

    Second, the ONLY limitation int TAC is the 2/3 of each conversion. You may realize the quality of the conversion by part of the song. Yes, we want to get money for our efforts.

    Third, we do not offer any upgrades. Once a year we send emails to registered users telling them to redownload as new options were added to TAC. All upgrades for registered users are FREE.

    In conclusion: our employees have a lot of work to do to provide better software solutions. And no time for writing comments.

    p.s. .rar files are not music files. Total Audio Converter supports audio formats only. But we will think what can be done to make the process of unpacking and converting such files easier for our users.

  6. A “check for updates” option would
    be good too

    CoolUtils: A good idea. We started to impelemnt it in our converters, now in Total HTML Converter only. Once we are sure it works flawlessly we add it to TAC as well.

  7. It looks it’s going to be a significant improvement especially for us, iPod/iTunes users. Release date yet?

    CoolUtils: we expected to release beta version in February, but the interface needs more polishing. We gathered a lot of info and changed few things. So now we expect the new version appear in May.

  8. Great interface. Not myck to add there. Manybe some or tha glass look of Vista/Win7? A feature I would appreciate: Tags and metadata to be included in the conversion. I am primarily converting from FLAC to WMA lossless and it does not seem to work for me.

  9. I wonder if in this new interface some bugs were fixed. I noticed that in the last version, when splitting ape or flac files, it would cut off the last file. Has that been dealt with? Other than that, I think the new interface looks great!

  10. Currently, aside from TAC– I’m also using two other file converters. I had to, because not all CDs can be ripped by TAC. I’m talking about older issues released before 2006. Anything else is pretty readable. Either that or maybe I really need to replace my optical drive for a better processing later. It’s good though to hear that you are working in improving TAC’s usabilities! May 2009 grant you that extra boost in keeping your great wares growing with the rest of us. :)

  11. Santa was very, very kind this year, so now I’m migrating all my stuff to a MacBook Pro. I want to keep using TAC. When can we have a Mac version?

    The new interface looks great, cool features!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Will the new interface allow converting Napster WMA files to MP3?

    I have some old Napster files stored and find that even your latest upgrade (today) does not convert it.

    Thank you and keep up the excellent support.

  13. I stopped using Explorer months ago. Most of my friends (and me) are using Firefox or Chrome these days.

    CoolUtils: we meant Explorer not the browser Internet Explorer. Explorer is the default file manager on every pc unless you use Total Commander or Frigate or some other tool to add/delete/move/rename/search files.

  14. I love this program and used to use it often. I use a Mac most of the time now and don’t use as many different file formats so it doesn’t get used often. Is there a Mac version I don’t know about?

    CoolUtils: Unfortunately, no Mac version yet.

  15. I’m a user for TAC for a while and this new interface looks very nice.
    Good job and nice looks.

    Best regards.

  16. Though I am accustomed to the current interface of audio converter, this one looks nice. TAC will be even more powerful. And saving tracks to iTunes comes in handy.

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