Total CSV Converter Becomes Faster

csv fasterThe new in Total CSV Converter is the technology that helps to fasten the reading of CSV file process 5 times. Also thanks to it, the saving process of CSV files to XLS and XLSX was increased tenfold. That is why gigantic CSV files now are easily and faster to process even if there are hundreds and thousands of them.

Being a powerful engine Total CSV Converter converts very large volumes of CSV files which are crucial for many other CSV converters. And a file may be even bigger than 1 GB in size. Obviously Total CSV Converter needs some time to read such volumes and convert huge files. When it took an hour for reading files previously, now it takes 5 times quicker, just think about it! And for converting to XLS and XLSX even more: it is ten times quicker.

Total CSV Converter supports not only to XLS and XLSX conversions, but to PDF, TXT, DOC, HTML, DBF, XML and OpenOffice formats as well. It is a powerful all-in-one solution for professionals. For office users Total CSV ConverterX is available, which now offers faster conversion too. It is specially developed to be setup as a standalone client-server application available for users of a local network or serve as a web service available online. Download and try them for free!

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