Turn Color PDF Into Black&White

split pdf black&whitePDF splitter is upgraded with another useful option of converting colorful PDF-files to black&white. With this new feature you can get black and white PDF files while the splitting process. It is very convenient because you donít need to specify settings of your printer every time and for each split file.

You save color inks printing in black and white. And according to many corporate policies to print in black and white when possible is a must. And we totally support such standard with this PDF-splitter new option.

pdf splitter from coolutils

PDF splitter is a perfect tool when you need to split one multipage file into several separate files. It can also do the opposite function and combine split pages in one file. Use this option to re-arrange pages of your PDF files.

The software is very easy-to-use: you just make settings and PDF splitter does the rest. You can split one large file to several small ones by all possible templates including splitting by blank pages and bookmarks. And now you can get black and white output file and print it easily on a faster and cheaper printer.

Download free trial version of PDF splitter and enjoy the new option on https://www.coolutils.com/PDFSplitter Also pay attention to the special offer for this software https://www.coolutils.com/TiffPdfSuite.php

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