Weird Places to find Music

Music can be found anywhere. It’s something that’s intrinsic to humanity, and important enough that it’s been a defining point of almost every culture on Earth. From the drumbeat that kept the slaves rowing to the techno that keeps the rave going, music is as much a part of us as our very heartbeat.


Music can be found in the weirdest places. The weirdest places are online, where music has been stuck in personal profiles, hidden on web pages, and even categorized into some interesting topics.

Myspace is a great place for music-lovers. Myspace is an interesting cross-section of the world, where millions of people with a vast range of hobbies and interests post everything that they even think would be interesting to someone else, or even what is just interesting to them. Even better for music-lovers, some posters use the site for self-promotion. This means that there is plenty of music to be had for even a few minutes of looking around.

I’d advise starting with local bands, and going up from there. A number of local bands use Myspace to get people interested in them, and post facts, history, gigs, and contact information, as well as some of their tracks. The more famous a band is, the more likely they are to have a Myspace account.

Local publication sites are another great place to find tracks. If you peruse the local venues, some of them will have links to either bands or tracks, so as to better show what kind of music is going to be played there. As local publications are keyed into the local music scene, they tend to stay up to date when a band makes major changes, and will usually bug bands to post new tracks.

Some of the online merchandising shops (such as CafePress) allow their members to create CDs. This is another great resource when it comes to looking for music, as you have a number of bands and musicians that are so specialized that they have decided to sell their music through self-promotion. It may take a while longer, but you can usually find enough music to satisfy your appetite for a long time.

As you are probably looking for songs for your iPod, easy-to-rip CDs are definitely going to be part of the search. But you will need a good CD ripper for them. The internet allows you to look far and wide, with local stores being just the beginning. You can look at stores in other countries. Think about that for a moment: If a shop in Australia carries the music you are looking for, you can buy it and have it shipped to you. You’re not really limited to the mega-stores and auction site unless you really want to be; don’t be afraid to look far and wide for the most obscure songs!

Just remember to look in weird places; you would be amazed at where you can find music. As long as there are humans, there will be music, so you know that it’s not hard to find!

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