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How to Export Track’s Info

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When converting songs from audio CDs, usually they are saved with default names like "Track01", "Track02" and so on. When you convert a few disks of such kind and save tracks in one folders, you can occasionally rewrite songs with the same name. Besides this, it is very inconvenient to store compositions under default names, as it is simply impossible to find the specific song or sort songs in the track list. If you need to export track information like composition name and author, when ripping CDs, use Total Audio Converter.

This program is an all-in-one music converter that can export tracks of any format to any other music file type. It has a special feature for ripping CD disks. The program saves tracks to your memory folder in the format you predefined in settings. There you can adjust proper songs naming. In order to do this, just follow these directions:

Green PlusOpen the converter on your PC

Green PlusMake sure required CD is in drive

Green PlusPress the "Rip CD" option at the top format bar

Green PlusIn the "Track list tab" choose proper drive

Green PlusCheck source tracks from the list

Green PlusPress the "Find Track names" button below the track list

Green PlusGo through other tabs to set all parameters you need

Green PlusPress the "Start!" button

track list

Soon the program will export tracks from CD to your folder. Note that whatever music format you select in the "Convert to" tab, you will be able to setup audio parameters like quality, bitrate, etc. Moreover, when exporting a few tracks at once, you can combine them together into one file or convert to separate music files. Total Audio Converter is highly flexible in terms of settings.

You can download the program for free use - its trial version is valid for a month! Try to rip you CDs in a smart way!

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   Updated Wed, 18 Aug 2021

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