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Total Audio Converter

Convert FLAC to MP3

It is never been easier to get your hands on and enjoy high-quality audio, but the range of audio formats and options out there can be baffling even for experts - particularly when it comes to FLAC files.

FLAC is a great format if absolutely perfect audio quality is what you need but ninety-nine times out of a hundred you simply do not need that level of fidelity. A universal, easier to use (and smaller) format like MP3 is more than good enough for most jobs.

When you have to convert FLAC to MP3, it is often a frustrating and time-consuming experience. And things get even worse if you are dealing with a huge amount of files. Rather than sitting there spending hours trying to export FLAC to MP3, you are much better off letting a piece of high-quality software take care of the job for you.

Total Audio Converter is quite simply the only piece of audio conversion software you are ever going to need. It is not just being able to save FLAC as MP3 that is supported. Here just a few of its further highlight features:

  • Supports over 40 audio formats including WAV, OGG, APE and more.
  • Quickly rips CDs to your choice of lossless or compressed formats.
  • Simply capture audio from YouTube videos.

With a built-in audio player and CD ripper, you are covered all ends up for audio with this powerful batch audio converter - whether you are dealing with FLAC or any other format.

Like all of our software, you can run Total Audio Converter either directly from the command line or use the intuitive desktop version of the software. The former is great for blasting through hundred of files with just a few commands. The latter makes things simple for users of all experience with handy wizards to walk you through common tasks.

Total Audio Converter has been in development for over a decade now and has been continuously improved and perfected during that time. A one-time incredibly affordable fee of $19.90 gets you lifetime use of this FLAC MP3 converter and the ability to dial in your own preferred settings. The type of functionality you are getting access to here usually costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

We are so confident you will never need another audio converter that we encourage you to check out a free 30-day trial version of the software and discover its power for yourself!


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