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To install Total Audio Converter on your computer, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the installation .exe file from CoolUtils page.
  2. Run the downloaded installation .exe file and follow the Installation Wizard instructions.
  3. Select the language that will be used during the installation and click OK:

    Installer Language

  4. Click Next in the new window:

    Wizard Start

  5. Specify the folder where Total Audio Converter will be installed to in the input field using the Browse... button to select this folder in the standard dialog box. Press Next:

    Installation Folder

  6. Specify where Total Audio Converter shortcuts will be kept or use the Browse... button to select one and click Next:

    Shortcut Folder

  7. Confirm the specified installation settings and click the Install button to start installation:

    Installation Settings

  8. Wait till installing is over:

    Installation Process

  9. Click Finish to close the Installation Wizard.

Total Audio Converter has been installed on your computer!

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