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Total CAD Converter - Main Menu

The main menu is used to access commands in the program. The items which are available on the main menu of Total CAD Converter are the following :


Menu Item Hotkey Description
Language   Switch the interface language. The list of the languages contains English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
Refresh F5 Update the files in the currently open folder
Print Ctrl+P Print the file list shown in the central panel
Exit Alt+X Close the program


Menu Item Hotkey Description
Include subfolders   Show subfolders in the folder
Check   Check the file
Uncheck   Uncheck the file
Check All Ctrl+A Check all the files in the folder
Uncheck all   Uncheck all the files in the folder
Check by mask   Check the files using an appropriate file mask (*.*)
Restore last selection   Restore the settings specified last time


Menu Item Description
PDF Convert the file(s) into PDF document(s)
TIFF Convert the file(s) into TIFF image(s)
BMP Convert the file(s) into BMP image(s)
JPEG Convert the file(s) into JPEG image(s)
PNG Convert the file(s) into PNG image(s)
WMF Convert the file(s) into WMF graphic file(s)
EMF Convert the file(s) into EMF graphic file(s)
CGM Convert the file(s) into CGM graphic design file(s)
PLT Convert the file(s) into PLT document(s)
HPGL Convert the file(s) into HPGL document(s)
DXF Convert the file(s) into DXF file(s)
SVG Convert the file(s) into SVG file(s)


Menu Item Description
Command line parameters Open the dialog box with information about the command line options of the program
Enter Registration Code... Open the Register Total CAD Converter dialog box. See Registration
How to Buy Open the webpage with the purchase information
Contact Us Send the developers an e-mail message
Web Site Visit the program website
About Open the About window

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