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To install Total DOC Converter on your computer do the following steps:

  1. Go to CoolUtils page.

  2. Click the Download button in the right-hand corner on the top of the page and pess Run button in a dialog box:

    Download Total DOC Converter

  3. Select the language that will be used during the installation and click OK:


  4. Click Next in a new window:


  5. Specify the folder where Total DOC Converter will be installed to in the input field using the Browse... button to select this folder in the standard dialog box. Press Next:


  6. Specify where Total DOC Converter shortcuts will be kept or use the Browse... button to select one and click Next:


  7. Confirm the specified installation settings and click the Install button to start installation:


  8. Wait till installing is over:


  9. Click Finish to close the Installation Wizard.

Total DOC Converter has been installed on your computer!

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