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Technical Support

Upon buying a product you get 1 year of software maintenance for free. That means that a new registered user can get all minor and major upgrades as well as technical support for one year from the date the product was purchased. In a year you are offered to extend the software maintenance for another year paying just 30% of the regular productís price. Thus you get another year of upgrades and support for the purchased product. In case you didnít extend the software maintenance in time you can purchase an upgrade any time paying 50% of the productís regular price. The response time is usually 24 hours (normally much faster, even on weekends and holidays).

Registered users with a valid software maintenance plan are entitled to receive support for 5 incidents. An incident is defined as a single issue that has specific symptoms clearly related to the usage of Softplicityís product. A single support incident may involve multiple e-mails. Our support specialist will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue, but we cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved to the user's satisfaction. Softplicity welcomes you to submit bug reports. Technical support is provided by emails, skype and the feedback form on our website.

Technical support for unregistered users is provided free of charge for one month from the date the evaluation version of the product was installed on the user's computer. During that period, unregistered users are entitled to receive free support for 2 incidents.

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