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How to Convert Web Pages


Conversion via Total HTML Converter interface

You have a great opportunity to convert web pages. Just do the following steps:

  • Launch Total HTML Converter.
  • Enter URL on the top of a right-hand corner. Press 'Enter' on your key-board. HTML page will appear on the right.


  • Choose the format you would like the page to be converted to using the list of formats on a tool bar.


  • Set up the options of conversion according to the format you have chosen.
  • Press 'Start'.

Note: The file will be saved with the name 'Documents' by default.

Conversion via Command line

You may also convert web pages via command line.

Enter the command line sytax: HtmlConverter.exe <source> <destination> <options>


  • <source> is the URL,
  • <destination> is the path where converted file will be saved after conversion,
  • <options> is the parameters of the conversion.

For example: HtmlConverter.exe C:\DOC\Doc1.doc - c doc

Total HTML Convetrer will convert the web page into DOC document Doc1.doc and locate of the converted file in the folder C:\DOC\

There are some additional options which you can use. The list of them is located in 'Help' menu under 'Command line parameters' item.


Please read more about the additional options at Command Line Parameters.

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