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How To Convert HTML to PDF


Step-by-step instruction: interface

To convert HTML file to PDF do the following:

  1. Launch Total HTML Converter.
  2. In a left-hand table choose a folder with HTML files from the file tree.
  3. Then choose an HTML file or files with the help of a check box in the central panel.
  4. In a right-hand table you may preview the file you have selected.


    Note! If you have links included into the HTML document they will be converted into PDF if they start as http or www.

  5. After you select the target format (PDF) a new window will appear. Set up the destination path - the folder to place the output file to. You may set up the path using two ways:

    • Type it.
    • Click 'Diskette' button and choose the file from a folder tree.


    • If you want to change the path from what you have typed or chosen click 'Full stop' button. The system will change the path to initial one.


      Note: By default Total HTML Converter places the output PDF file to the same folder where the HTML file is.

    • If there you convert several HTML files to PDF the program allows combining output PDF into one document.


  6. Click Next on the bottom of the window or select Render on the left-hand side of the window. In this step you may select items you want to be rendered (text, shape, image). If you select, for example, text only, images and shapes will not be included into the output PDF file.


  7. Select background image or the color for your document.


  8. Fill out document information (author, creator, keywords, subject, title).


  9. Select document compression level (fastest, normal or maximum).


  10. Protect your document entering passwords and setting up permissions for user if needed.


  11. Specify the margin in inches (top, bottom, left, right).


  12. Specify the paper size. You may also use 'Fit to Page' option. It automatically defines paper orientation while converting several documents.


  13. Select Start conversion. The program will show you all the settings of the conversion you have already set up. Choose Delete originals if you want to delete the original HTML files. Check Open destination folder after converting option if needed. Click Start. You will see the progress bar. Find the converted PDF files in the destination folder.


    Note: By default Total HTML Converter converts HTML files to PDF with the following parameters:

    • Render - text;
    • Output images - jpeg;
    • Jpeg quality - 100;
    • Background color white;
    • Author - Softplicity;
    • Creator - Softplicity;
    • Compression - Maximum;
    • Encryption - no;
    • Margin: Top - 0,5, Bottom - 0,5, Left - 0,5, Right - 0,5;
    • Paper Common, size A4, 8,3 x 11,7, Portrait.

  14. If you want to cancel conversion click "Cancel".


Conversion via Command line

You may also convert HTML files to PDF ones with the help of Command line. It gives you an opportunity to convert files from within other programs.

To do this just enter the following: HtmlConverter.exe <source> <destination> - c PDF,


  • <source> means the path where HTML file is located,
  • <destination> means the path where converted file should be placed,

For example: HtmlConverter.exe C:\Documents\index.htm C:\PDF\PDF1.pdf -c PDF

Total HTML Converter will convert the file index.htm into PDF document PDF1.pdf and place it into folder C:\PDF\

  1. If you need to convert all the HTML files from appropriate folder use * sign.

    For example: HtmlConverter.exe C:\Documents\*.htm C:\PDF\ -c PDF

    Total HTML Converter will convert all HTML files from this folder C:\Documents\ to PDF format and place the converted files to folder C:\PDF\

  2. If you need to do batch conversion, put appropriate HTML files to list.txt

    For example: HtmlConverter.exe -list List.txt C:\PDF\ -c PDF

    Total HTML Converter will convert all the files from file list List.txt to PDF and place them to C:\PDF\

  3. You may also use additional options. You may observe the list of them in Total HTML Converter. Click 'Help' and select 'Command line parameters'


    The list of options will appear. You can read about them in details in Command Line Parameters page.

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