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How To Convert HTML To Text


To convert HTML file to Text do the following:

  1. Launch Total HTML Converter.
  2. In a left-hand table choose a folder with HTML files from the file tree.
  3. Then choose an HTML file or files with the help of a check box in the central panel.
  4. In a right-hand table you may preview the file you have selected.
  5. Select the target format (TXT) from th elist of formats.


  6. After you select the target format (TXT) the Wizard's window appears. It collects all the conversion parameters. First, set up the destination path - the folder to place the output file to. You may set up the path in two ways:

    • Type in the destination folder where the file will be located.
    • Choose the 'Diskette' button from the right and find the folder from a folder tree.


    • If you want to set the same destination path click 'Full stop'. The tool will change the destination to the initial one.


      Note: By default the new TXT file will be placed into the same folder where the original HTML file is.

    • If you convert several files the program suggests placing each HTML document into a separate TXT file or to combining all HTML documents into one file.


  7. Press 'Next' on the bottom of the window or choose 'Start Conversion' on the left-hand side of the window.


  8. Press 'Start conversion' button. Document parameters will be shown. You may also check 'Delete originals’ and ‘Open destination folder after converting’ if you want. Press ‘Start!’.


  9. If you have checked ‘Open destination folder after converting’ the application will open the folder where the file was placed.

Convert HTML to TXT via Command Line

You can convert HTML documents to Text by means of Command line.

Command line syntax: HtmlConverter.exe <source> <destination> -c text,


  • <source> is the destination path of the original document,
  • <destination> is the destination path of the produced Text file.

Example: HtmlConverter.exe C:\Documents\index.htm C:\TXT\TXT1.txt -c txt

Convert the file index.htm into Text TXT1.tif and place the converted file into C:\TXT\

There are also some additional parameters:

  1. If you need to change the format of all the files from the folder use * sign.

    Example: HtmlConverter.exe C:\Documents\*.htm C:\TXT\ -c txt

    Convert all HTML files from the folder C:\Documents\ to Text and place the converted files into C:\TXT\

  2. To convert many files locate them in list.txt

    Example: HtmlConverter.exe -list List.txt C:\TXT\ -c txt

    Convert all the files from file list List.txt to Text and place them into C:\TXT\

  3. Press 'Help' on a tool bar to have a look at all command line parameters.


    If you need more information about Command line go to Command Line Parameters.

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