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HTML Headers And Footers In Total HTML Converter


With Total HTML Converter users can add some info to the final document's headers and footers. It can be the page counter or the current date or the document title. Total HTML Converter supports these tags in headers and footers:

  • [u]= URL

  • [w]=Document Title

  • [d]=Short Date Format

  • [D]=Long Date Format
    9 Apr 2010

  • [T]=Time Format

  • [p]=Page Number
    The current page number

  • [P]=Page Count
    Total page count

If you want to add an url and a date to the footer of the document, remember to use [b] tag. It will add space between the file name and the date, otherwise you will get all the tags following each other. In this example we use &u&b&d as the footer of the document:

The resultant file looks like this:

If we do not use &b tag, then the output footer will look like this:

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