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Total Image Converter: On-Line Help

How to convert an image to other formats?

Learn how to convert image to other file types (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, ICO, GIF, TGA, PXM and others). This step-by step tutorial with screenshots will help you.

crop image

How to crop a photo?

Cropping means removing unneccasary borders of an image. You crop an image when you cut some parts off. That's what you need to create an astonishing avatar out of your photo.

resize photo

How to resize photos for emailing?

Modern digital cameras produce high quality photos. Each photo is about 2 Mb in size. Even with a large email box you won't be able to send a bunch of photos. Learn the simple way to reduce the photo size retaining good visual quality.

watermark image

How to apply text or logos to my images?

Total Image Converter adds any kinds of watermarks: text with effects, logos, images, anything you like. Watermarks prevent images from being stolen from your web site. Or just write a few words to your beloved one:)

wallpaper image

How to set my image as a wallpaper?

Have a favourite image? Set it as your wall paper to enjoy it every time you boot your computer. Total Image Converter does that in one click!

rotate image

How to rotate my photo?

Do you have a photo rotated right? Don't screw your neck - rotate the image with Total Image Converter. Rotation is done automatically in 3 clicks!


Featured Product

Total Image Converter


  • Converts photos - TIFF, JPEG, RAW
  • Applies watermarks (text or images)
  • Resizes images in batch
  • Crops images in 2 clicks
  • Rotates images with ease
  • All image formats supported
  • Easy-to-use


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