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How To Convert An Image

  1. First, launch Total Image Converter. Select the folder with your images from the file tree.
  2. Then check those images that you want to convert. One image or all of them in the folder - it's up to you to decide.
  3. Click the target format button. That's it!
image converter

After that the Wizard of the program suggests you setting the parameters. You may want to select color space or jpeg quality, resize your image, crop or rotate it. Probably you want to apply watermarks (text or images) to your files. By default the program will set most appropriate settings. So you may skip them all and press Start. One setting that you should not skip is Destination. The program needs to know where it shall place the output file to. There are several options to select the destination folder:

  • You may type the destination path manually.
  • You may select the output folder from the file tree.
  • You may set the surrent folder. It means that the converted file will be placed in the same folder where the original file is.

By default the new files will be placed into the original folder with the same name plus converted. I.e. Photo34.jpeg will be converted to Photo34(converted).jpeg.

convert image

After you press Start Total Image Converter converts your image/images. After the conversion is done the folder with new images will be opened. As you see the process is very simple and requires no special knowledge. Total Image Converter is the best solution for both advanced users and beginners.

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