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How To Convert Attachments

  1. First, launch Total Mail Converter. Select the folder with your images from the file tree.
  2. Then check those emails that you want to convert.
  3. Click the target format button.

The wizard of the program helps you make the settings. Go to Attachments inlay to tell the program how to deal with attached files.

convert attachments

Place attachments into separate folders - the attached files will be placed into a separate folder. You will find this folder in the same directory where your converted emails are. Suppose you convert Contract.msg to TXT. You will get Contract.txt and the folder Contract_Files with the attached files. If you have zipped attachments Total Mail Converter can automatically unpack them. Check Unpack Zipped Attachments option in the wizard.

Include attached images into document - if you have images attached to emails you may paste them into the final document. This option is available if you convert emails to HTML, DOC, PDF, RTF, TIFF, JPEG, XLS. When you convert msg or eml files to TXT, you can't insert images into the dicument.

Convert attached messages - you may convert attached emails to the same format you convert your emails to. If you convert Contract.msg to PDF you will get Contract.pdf and the attached messages in pdf format.

Convert attached documents - to convert attached files to the destination format along with the emails you need Total Mail Converter Pro

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