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How To Add Headers (Page Counter, Date) to Each Converted Mail

Total Mail Converter allows adding headers and footers to each page of the converted file. You can add a date or a page counter or any text you like (i.e. confidential). The process is pretty straightforward.

  1. First, launch Total Mail Converter. Select the folder with your images from the file tree.
  2. Then check those emails that you want to convert.
  3. Click the target format button.

The wizard of the program is here to help you with the settings. Go to Header inlay to set the header:

convert emails and add headers

Tick the checkbox Header. Then select what kind of header you would like to add to your files. Predifined header templates include date, page counter, confidential, for attorneys eyes only and a blank line (other) where you can type in your text.

header templates

Once you have selected the header you have to locate it on page. The header may be located in the center of the page or in the left/right corner. Change the Margins to get the right space between the header and the border of the file.

header positiona

Total Mail Converter allows changing the font of the header. Press Font button and you will see all the options:

header font>
Please, note that you cann embed the selected font into the final PDF file if you like:
<img class=

If you have selected Page Counter as your header you will be asked to set the starting number and the number of digits. By default, the starting number is 1, but in some cases users want to continue numeration from a previous document. Please note that be default the program does sequential numbering. If you want the program to start with number 1 with each folder, please, uncheck Sequential numbering box.

page counter

With Total Mail Converter you may add any header to your converted files.

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