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How To Convert Emails

Total Mail Converter is a tool which converts e-mails of any client to TXT, PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC and TIFF formats of files. You may convert MSG and EML files to other formats in batch via user interface or command line. Follow three steps:
  1. Choose the folder with e-mails from the file tree in a left-hand panel;
  2. Check e-mails which you are going to convert in a right-hand panel;
  3. Select a target format in a toolbar.

After that the wizard will be opened. There are several tabs in it which you may customize on your own:

Select destination: You may indicate the destination folder you need. Just press ‘Folder’ button and choose an appropriate folder from the file tree. If you press ‘Full stop’ button the original folder will be your destination folder. When you convert several folders check ‘Keep folder structure’ box.

Template: You may create the file name template that you want. Choose one of the macros available. They are as follows:

[name] – source file name
[subject] – mail subject
[sender] – mail sender
[recipient] – firs mail recipient
[date:] – mail date

Fields: you are able to select fields of the document you would like to export. Just check the boxes:

  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • CC (Copy to)
  • Date
  • Subject
  • Body
If you need you may choose if to show date in UTC or if do not access Internet for images.

Appearance: you may tune the output document appearance. Just choose either ‘Use internal scheme’ or ‘Use external CSS file’. If you choose the first item ‘CSS Tune Dialog’ you may set all the needful parameters. If you choose the second item you will be able to choose a CSS file from your hard drive.

Attachments: select what you want to do with attachments. You may do the following: Save them (you may save them in a separate folder and also unpack zipped attachments); Include attached images into document; Convert attached messages (you may also save them in a separate file).

Start Conversion: Here all the information the wizard needs to convert is summarized. Just check if everything is OK. You may also select if you need to delete the originals and if you want the destination folder to be opened after converting. Press ‘Start’.

Total Mail Converter is also integrated into Microsoft right-click menu. So you may convert msg and eml files right from the desktop.

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