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How to Add Current Date to Output Files


Total Outlook Converter converts PST/OST files to a number of popular formats. Apart from converting, you can do some editing. For instance, you can supply your output documents with dates of creation (or any date you choose). This is very easy to do.

  1. Run Total Outlook Converter. It will either automatically show you the emails from your Outlook or ask you to locate the PST or PST folder on your hard drive. Check those emails which you are going to convert; press Check All button to convert all emails in this folder.
  2. Then select your target format (DOC, PDF, TXT, XHTML, HTML, EML).

Outlook Converter

You can have dates at the top or at the bottom of your target documents. In the program thay are under Header and Footer menus. Open the Header/Footer option in the wizard and make the setting there. Note: these options are available for PDF, TIFF and JPEG output formats only.


Make sure the header/footer option is checked. Select the [Current date] template in the drop-down list. If you want to add a specific date, just type it in the Other field. For example, you may type May 2014 or 2014-05 or any other date form.


After that you have to locate the date on your page(s). You can place dates on the left, in the middle or on the right. Set Margins to determine space between the date and the border of the sheet.


Total Outlook Converter presents a choice of fonts for dates. Press the Font button and select your preferred font. By default, it uses Tahoma 10px black.


After you have specified the setting to add dates to your output documents, press the Start! button and get the new files in few minutes.

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