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How to Export Certain Fields From Outlook Emails


Efficient mail conversion means ability to extract only the piece of information you need. Dozens of converters generate bulk mail copies with data from all fields. Unlike them Total Outlook Converter Pro allows exporting certain mail fields into a new file.

Total Outlook Converter Pro converts emails to PDF, HTML, TXT, DOC, TIFF, JPEG and other fromats. The option of converting specific fields is available in all of them. You can process as many emails as you want in one single batch. There are two variants of selective fields conversion:

  • You can extract specific fields from each source mails and combine all data into one output file
  • You can export selected fields of each email to separate output file

  1. Run Total Outlook Converter Pro. Select the folder with your emails from the file tree.

  2. After that check the emails you wish to convert.

  3. Click the target format button. The formats which support Header/Footer functionality are PDF, JPEG and TIFF.

    No matter what format and conversion mode you select, exporting certain fields implies the same actions. The fields for conversion are defined in settings wizard. It appears after you selected source emails and target format. In the Fields tab there is a list of available fields. Uncheck the ones you donít need in the list. The program will automatically skip them from each source email, extracting only the information from checked fields.

    message fields

    Such conversion makes easier to extract only important information from a PST mail storage file or Outlook emails. You can extract only mail body, when there is no need to keep recipientís name, subject and other info. Total Outlook Converter Pro makes getting rid of unneeded data easier than ever.

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