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How to convert PST files With Attachments


Total Outlook Converter Pro allows reading and managing emails directly from a PST source. You can easily convert PST file to PDF, DOC, JPEG and many other formats by following these steps:

  1. Launch Total Outlook Converter Pro from your desktop.
  2. Import PST file to the program (you will see automatic browse popup asking you to specify a file).

  3. Select the email or emails you want to export and choose the desired format (click on the proper item at the top of the program window).
  4. Setup conversion parameters.
  5. Press Start!

These steps are similar to any format. You can skip step 5 in order to run conversion with the default parameters. If you wish to convert or save attachments, skip specific mail fields or setup the look-n-feel of the future copies, run through the tabs in settings wizard and choose the options you need.

Total Outlook Converter Pro

Total Outlook Converter Pro can save attachments or convert them to selected target format, insert attached images into a converted mail copy, unzip attached archives and save other types of attachments to a folder. The variants of processing attachments can be used together, just select all options you wish to apply.


As a result you will get messages, extracted from PST file and saved to a preferred format.

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