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How to Rename Output Files With Total Outlook Converter Pro


Total Outlook Converter Pro allows renaming output files. It is very simple. If you convert just one file, you type the new name in the destination path. But when you deal with thousands of emails, most people choose to rename files by some common template. For example, Total Outlook Converter Pro can add the mail subject or sender to the file name. Such descriptive names make the process of finding the right email far easier. Let's discuss this renaming feature in detail.

  1. First, launch Total Outlook Converter Pro. Select the folder with your emails from the file tree.
  2. Then check the emails you want to convert.
  3. Click the target format button.

Total Outlook Converter Pro

There are a few options for renaming output files in Total Outlook Converter Pro. >If you convert several Outlook emails in one batch, jump to the File name tab. Select your renaming template and the program will give new names to the converted files automatically. File name template can contain information from any original email's field like date, subject, ID, recipient, etc. It may also contain static text - any text that you type in. Use any combination of tags and plain text. All available tags are listed in the File name tab.

Note: By default the program names output copies in the following manner: [nn].[date] - [subject], where [nn] is a counter, [date] is a mail's date, [subject] is a mail's subject. Total Outlook Converter Pro takes the info from the original mail fields.

Please, note that you may start the counter (or mail index [nn]) from any number. If you set 7 in the Start From field, the program will produce files like 7emailname.pdf, 8emailname.pdf, 9emailname.pdf, etc.

Start from the last processed number option is great when you convert several folders with Outlook emails or several PST files one by one. For example, you convert a PST file with 200 emails to PDF and add a counter to the file names. You get files like 001emailname.pdf - 200emailname.pdf. Then you start the converter again and convert the second PST files with more 300 messages inside. If you select Start from the last processed number option, you get output files like 201emailname.pdf - 501emailname.pdf.

It makes sense to name your emails in a manner you prefer, when you convert a great number of emails. This way you will be able to find the required message copy quickly and avoid any mess in memory folders of your PC.

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