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iPod AudioBook   

iPod AudioBook converts audio files to iPod audiobooks

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iPod audiobooks converteriPod AudioBook is a new conversion tool for iPod owners. iPod accepts audio books in M4B format. If you try to upload an audio book in MP3 format it will be accepted but iPod will put it into music section, not audio book. If it comes to OGG or FLAC or WMA audio books they cannot be played on iPod at all. iPod AudioBook solves the problem. It can easily convert your audio files to the format your iPod supports. And not only OGG and WMA files can be converted by iPod AudioBook!

iPod AudioBook is extremely easy-t-use. It seamlessly integrates into Windows. That gives you the chance to convert audio files without even launching the program. Just select the file on your desktop, make a right mouse click and press convert to. The GUI of iPod AudioBook is so well-thought that even a beginner will figure out what to do in no time. We have developed Wizard to help you set all the conversion parameters. Those who are accustomed to command line will be glad to find it in iPod AudioBook.

iPod AudioBook can convert hundreds of audio files in a batch. The powerful engine provides high converting speed. Besides all this, iPod AudioBook will play all files of selected media types for you. It converts audio tracks on the fly. It doesn't need an intermediary WAV file. Try it now for free (trial period is 30 days, no limitations) to enjoy your audio books on your iPod.

DocConverter iPod AudioBook in our blog:

  • OGG to iPod
  • MP3 to iPod
  • The full list of source formats is below: Attention! Protected Windows Media Audio (WMA), protected Real Audio (RA, RAX), protected Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and protected MP4 aren't supported for copyright reason.

    Supported conversions:

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    Buy iPod AudioBook NOW!
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    (only $24.50)

    What are users saying

    "I've used the ipod audio book program for one book so far. It worked exactly as promised. Good Job!"

    "This program ipod audiobook is worth every penny I paid for it. I had spent hours & hours sorting out the files, fiddling with file extensions etc. This programs does all the hard work for you."

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    iPod AudioBook Preview1

    Key Features

    • Allows you to play any file in your iPod
    • All audio formats to AudioBooks
    • Right-click option
    • Command line
    • Batch mode
    • ID3 Tags and CUE support
    • Simple
    • No need to believe us - iPod AudioBook is free to try

    Windows 8 Compatible
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