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PPT file

This page contains information on the PPT file extension (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file)

Extensión de archivo.PPT, .PPS
CategoryDocument File
DescriptionThe PPT is the file format used in Microsoft Office OS earlier than 2007 for creating presentations in PowerPoint. The PPT is a binary file, which is a set of separate slides. It can be created from a template or not and edited when you need. It contains multimedia (images, graphs, video, sounds), text and various effects, such as transitions from slide to slide. This dynamic presentation is a perfect tool for various business or educational aims and may be presented live on a computer, copied to a carrier or printed.
Associated programsApple Keynote
Microsoft PowerPoint
Tipo de MIMEapplication/
Useful linksMore detailed information on PPT files

Convert PPT files

Using CoolUtils Online PPT Converter it is possible to convert PPT files to a variety of other formats:
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