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WMF file

This page contains information on the WMF file extension (Windows Metafile file)

Extensión de archivo.WMF
CategoryImage File
DescriptionWMF is a vector graphics file format featuring bitmap components and running on 16-bit operating systems. Files comprise a set of function calls, which command vector graphic and bitmap operations, such as drawing lines and other graphic elements, as well as vector images and sometimes raster graphics. The format was introduced with Windows 2.0 in 1988 and is still backed by some Windows applications, such as Windows Photo Viewer. Right now, WMF is less widely used, as it has been pretty much supplanted by JPEG and GIF.
Associated programsMicrosoft Publisher
Microsoft Word
Tipo de MIMEimage/x-wmf
Useful linksMore detailed information on WMF files

Convert WMF files

Using CoolUtils Online WMF Converter it is possible to convert WMF files to a variety of other formats:
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