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XCF file

This page contains information on the XCF file extension (eXperimental Computing Facility file)

Extensión de archivo.XCF
CategoryImage File
DescriptionXCF extension is the native file format for graphic editor GIMP, which is free program for making and editing bitmap graphics and partly - vector graphics. What keeps it apart from Photoshop PSD files is absence of the history of undos, other features have much in common. For example, layers, channels, transparency and so on. XCF format uses lossless compression. Abbreviation XCF means verbatim eXperimental Computing Facility, intended mostly for students, interested in computer science studying.
Associated programsGIMP
Tipo de MIMEimage/xcf
Useful linksGet more information about PCL at
XCF file description in wikipedia

Convert XCF files

Using CoolUtils Online XCF Converter it is possible to convert XCF files to a variety of other formats:
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