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XPM file

This page contains information on the XPM file extension (X PixMap file)

Extensión de archivo.XPM
CategoryImage File
DescriptionXPM (X PixMap) is an actual standard (there is no officially recognized standard), intended for storing X Window pixmap data. The format is intended for creating icon pixmaps. An XPM file describes image data through ASCII text arranged in a plain-text Standard C character string pattern, which allows for easy and convenient editing. Thanks to compact file size, XPM files are easily transmitted via email. XPM is supported by many applications, including, but not limited to: CorelDRAW, Amaya, GIMP, ImageMagic, PaintShop Pro, etc.
Associated programsACDSee
DesarrolladorBULL Research
Tipo de MIMEimage/x-xpixmap
Useful linksMore detailed information on XPM files

Convert XPM files

Using CoolUtils Online XPM Converter it is possible to convert XPM files to a variety of other formats:
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