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DCX file

This page contains information on the DCX file extension (Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File file)

File extension .DCX
CategoryImage File
DescriptionDCX is a multipage form of PCX format, a raster graphic type. It fully replicates the characteristics of PCX, supports up to 24-bit color depth. DCX utilizes lossless compression that provides excellent file size decreasing for the images with lots of sole-colored areas. It is a hardware-specific image format meant for storing graphic information in the same form, as in video card. DCX is rarely used, but is supported by numerous editors like Corel Draw, Photoshop, GIMP, etc.
Associated programs
Developed byZSoft
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Convert DCX files

Using CoolUtils Online DCX Converter it is possible to convert DCX files to a variety of other formats:

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