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DIB file

This page contains information on the DIB file extension (Device Independent Bitmap file)

DIB File

File extension .DIB
CategoryImage File
DescriptionDIB (device independent bitmap) files contain raster data ñ a color table and image resolution information. They can be rendered in nearly all popular editing utilities. Mainly, the format ensures easy transfer and exchange of image elements no matter what kind of device you use, since pixel layout in these files may not correlate with the layout of your device. Data contained in DIB files describe colors that are used in images, values reflecting color characteristics, imagesí physical size, compression pattern, text, etc. DIB is one of the extensions used in the BMP format.
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Useful linksMore detailed information on DIB files

Convert DIB files

Using CoolUtils Online DIB Converter it is possible to convert DIB files to a variety of other formats:

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