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MKV file

This page contains information on the MKV file extension (Matroska Multimedia Container file)

File extension .MKV
CategoryVideo File
DescriptionMKV is not a multimedia compression format, but rather a container format, which incorporates various types of multimedia. Mostly, such files contain audio, video, textual information (subtitles), etc. ñ elements, which may use completely different encoding patterns. MKVís biggest advantages are easy online sharing, low error rate, dissection of files into separate chapters, switchable subtitles, switchable audio- and video tracks, etc. Mostly, MKVs consist of open source elements, and they can be played in a vast number of players on nearly all existing platforms.
Associated programsVLC Media Player
Developed bySteve Lhomme
MIME typevideo/x-matroska
Useful linksMore detailed information on MKV files

Convert MKV files

Using CoolUtils Online MKV Converter it is possible to convert MKV files to a variety of other formats:

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