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WPG file

This page contains information on the WPG file extension (WordPerfect Graphics file)

File extension .WPG
CategoryImage File
DescriptionWPG (WordPerfect Graphics) is an image file format associated with WordPerfect ñ a word-processing application. WPG files store vector and/or bitmap graphic data and include a palette of up to 256 colors. One more advantage is that they can include EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) data; also, you can open a WPG file using various Corel applications, such as the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, PaintShop Pro, as well as some freeware tools like PerfectSpot and Inkscape. Mostly, the format is used for clipart objects contained in text documents.
Associated programsCorel WordPerfect
Corel Draw
Developed by
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