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How to Convert PST to PDF With Attachments in Batch


Advanced digital tools transform Outlook emails into a popular format. However, the conversion of attachments is still rare. Tailor-made software can cope with any volume of data and deliver an impeccable result in no time. Discover how to convert PST to PDF with attachments smoothly.

Users often need to archive correspondence, including any enclosed files. This streamlines workflow and communication. With a comprehensive PST to PDF tool, you will transform these additions into documents, too. Even hundreds of files are handled fast. Batch PST processing is a great way to convert attached files.


How the Converter Works

Discover the most convenient way to save emails with attachments via the Total Outlook Converter. Just install the tool, open it, set your preferences, and let conversion commence. The resulting files will land in the desired destination folder neatly. The sheer range of customization options is guaranteed to impress. You can tweak the settings to make PDFs look cooler than the original emails with attachments! Check out these opportunities for fast PST to PDF conversion:
  • conversion of attached files (unique!);
  • merging of a range of Outlook emails into a unified PDF;
  • field-based export (emails may be filtered by their date, subject, who sent or received them, etc.);
  • addition of dates or page numbers;
  • changing of margins and paper size;
  • range of compression levels;
  • inclusion of custom stamps (e.g., "confidential");
  • stamp bates;
  • smooth renaming and the possibility to assign new descriptive names for easier file management;
  • range of PST to PDF output formats, including non-searchable documents and PDF/A.

The utility works on any popular version of Windows (from XP to 10). It has a free trial period and comes with a range of license options: for personal and commercial use, as well as server and developer options. Its all-round compatibility makes it suitable for everyone!

The output is also highly customizable. Conversion of Outlook emails to PDF with attachments is not the only function. The same system will transform your mail data from PST to DOC, TXT, HTML, JPEG, XPS, and more! Whatever the format, the process is always smooth.

The converter is used by beginners and pros, as it is efficient and easy to use. This ultimate PST to PDF solution suits a wide range of needs, from data migration to the collection of evidence for legal investigations. If you have only a little data to transfer, try our free PST to PDF online service.

Convert Outlook PST to PDF with Attachments

The result is achieved in just a few clicks. Navigation is intuitive and uncomplicated.
  • Open the system and choose the folder containing the Outlook emails you want to be transformed from PST to PDF with attachments (e.g., Inbox).
  • Check the messages in it.
  • Click on the 'PDF' button on the ribbon.
  • Set your preferences in the new window and hit 'Start!'
The 'Attachments' section of the menu has multiple options. These allow you to fine-tune the conversion of the data. Here is what you can do with attachments:
  • unpack zipped attachments;
  • save attachments in separate folders;
  • include attachment information in the PDFs and more;
  • have attached images inserted in the resulting PDF documents and fit page;
  • save attached messages as separate files;
  • convert the attached files and save them individually.

One License for a Lifetime

The flexibility of this PST to PDF tool for transfer with attachments is unparalleled. Try the free version today — see how powerful it is! After the 30-day trial, you can upgrade to the full version for $99.90. Throughout the first year, all major upgrades will be completely free! Download
Free online PST to PDF converter

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