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TreeNotes - is a versatile information manager that is flexible enough to accommodate any kind of data:

Sometimes the information you want to store isn't in a set format. That's when you need a free-form PIM program that's flexible enough to accommodate any kind of data. If your personal information fits into a traditional PIM program like a square peg in a round hole--and the data lends itself to being structured hierarchically--then you should definitely check out TreeNotes.

The program has the look and feel of Windows Explorer. A plus sign beside a data node indicates that additional information is available on lower levels. Double-clicking on a node expands or contracts the node's tree to include or exclude the next level of nodes.

For information that can be readily converted to outline form, TreeNotes provides a highly intuitive method for storing and retrieving the data. In addition to the logical onscreen presentation, which invites searching by expanding and contracting data nodes, the program provides a variety of search and view options. You can search the current node article, just the node titles, the articles alone, or the titles and articles below a certain level. Then view the titles, the articles, or both at the same time. You can adjust the font and background color for the titles and articles, choose whether to wrap the text in the articles, and insert sibling nodes before or after a node. Edit commands let you expand and collapse one or more levels of a subtree or the entire tree.

Tree Notes features.

  • Organize your bits of info in a tree outline form using Explorer-like interface
  • Export to the external file in HTML, Rich Text and Text formats
  • Control for fonts, picture and style for Tree Items
  • Advanced work for text and picture for you data
  • Global search
  • Arrange items using keyboard or mouse
  • Search and replace information
  • Print
  • Merge Tree
  • And more...
Buy TreeNotes NOW!
(всего 500 рублей)
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Windows 8 Compatible
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