10 Ways To Open an MSG File Without Outlook – Best MSG Viewers

Discover top methods to open MSG files without Outlook. Best MSG Viewers in 2022 will let you access your emails immediately!

Outlook is one of the most popular mail clients, but some of its rivals are free. Getting similar functionality at no cost is tempting, but there is a catch. If Outlook users send you MSG files, you may run into problems. Few other systems recognize this format. Don’t worry — we have found the best MSG file viewers! These tools will Open MSG files without Outlook. Here is our top 10:

What is an MSG file? An MSG file is a common email file format used by Microsoft Outlook. You can use other desktop email clients to open MSG files or use one of the many tools available without having to use an email client.

We’ve researched 10 free tools that work great to view MSG files enabling you the freedom to choose any mail client you wish to use and still view Outlook MSG files. Check out our selections for tools to view MSG files.
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How to Optimize your Business thanks to File Converter Software?

Optimizing existing business processes is vital in helping organizations achieve higher growth potential and become more sustainable in the long-term.

Optimizing existing business processes is vital in helping organizations achieve higher growth potential and become more sustainable in the long-term. 

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), businesses that fail to optimize ineffective processes can experience internal dissatisfaction and missed opportunities, not to mention roughly lose 20% to 30% of their annual revenues

Optimization helps businesses stay afloat in the tidal waves of change, such as market compliance, evolving consumer demands, and the need for increased productivity. One way to optimize business processes is to use PDF file conversion solutions in managing and securing documents and saving storage space and enhancing collaboration through the expedited sharing of information between team members. 

More importantly, PDF file conversion solutions also prevent lost documents and incompatibility issues since any operating system virtually supports its format, thereby ensuring that you achieve higher productivity levels. Outlined in this article is the importance of PDF and its role in helping your business optimize its processes so you can achieve higher returns on investments. 

  1. Create a Secure Data Storage

One of the most significant advantages of PDF over Word document is building a high-security level on the file itself. Unlike typical document formats, a PDF conversion tool allows files to be stored and indexed so that only authorized personnel, organizations, and departments can access the data when needed. 

Moreover, businesses can also opt to redact confidential information on a PDF file and ensure that it is only visible to individuals with proper security clearance through digital rights management (DRM). Usually, PDF file security goes beyond typical word processors to provide users with a host of options, including PDF encryption, password protection, and copy protection. 

Speaking of copy protection, among the crucial advantages of PDF files is that you have complete control over its distribution, sharing, printing, and even the taking of screenshots. By building secure data storage using PDF converters, you can prevent cybersecurity risks and optimize security standards by keeping all data points protected and maintaining high password strength levels.

  1. Establish Consistent Document Formatting

Maintaining formatting consistency is extremely important because it simplifies sorting through the file and makes the results look more professional. What’s more, establishing document consistency also speaks volumes about your company when it comes to facilitating the practice of discipline and adherence to specific web standards and requirements. 

Through file converter solutions, you can format documents so that readers become more accustomed to the way information is structured and how it flows. This makes it easier for readers to scan and view documents since they know what to expect and see how the content hierarchy in the file is presented. On the flip side, it also helps you set a standard for your employees to format documents to ensure that they get maximum readership and leave a significant impression on your clients.  

Besides ensuring consistency, the advantages of PDF converter over any file conversion solutions are they are universally compatible with virtually any operating system and have seen extensive support in a myriad of existing apps. Alternatively, you can also opt to convert PDF into multiple file-formats using file conversion software to edit and easily modify texts. 

  1. Take Advantage of Document Management

Utilizing a PDF converter brings a myriad of document management benefits that include the ability to centralize all your files and reduce physical storage spaces. Commercial property costs are increasing, and so is the expense to store paper documents and purchase printers, postage, ink, and the paper itself. 

With PDF file converters, you can choose to store files either on an on-premise server and on the cloud, thereby reducing costs and, more importantly, preventing the danger of cyberattacks and unexpected downtime. Other than that, it also provides savings on employee time and labor costs since you no longer have to designate an individual to handle the management of your physical documents. 

The savings on employee time become especially essential regarding regulatory evaluations and repetitive and high-volume tasks like document filing and expense reimbursements. Plus, most file conversion solutions integrate well with business applications, which can help you access critical information. CompareCamp prepared a comparison of file management software solutions that work well with third-party business apps to guide you in choosing the most appropriate file converter for your operations. 

  1. Utilize Electronic Signing Technology

One of the most functional yet unheralded PDF converter advantages is its ability to produce documents signed and validated by users through electronic signing technology. Keep in mind that over 80% of businesses print documents only to get them signed, which usually translates to more printing, shipping, and mailing expenses.

By creating a PDF contract, you can speed up the document turnaround time since you no longer have to print, scan, post a document, and wait anxiously for the recipient to sign and send it back to you. This is because an electronic signature allows you to process urgent documents in a few clicks and implement decisions much more quickly.

Additionally, PDF converters also cut down the financial impact of human errors, which occurs because of signing blunders that slow everything down. All you need to do is open the PDF file on your preferred editor and click on the e-sign button to add a stored signature into the document. On top of everything else, they also increase business productivity by enabling you to automate document flow and eliminate repetitive tasks. 

  1. Enhance Collaboration

Providing your team members with the resources and information they need can go a long way to increase productivity and stand out in a modern marketplace that continues to shift, expand, and evolve. Simplified electronic document collaboration tools such as file converters empower your employees throughout multiple time zones, office locations, and networks to work together and share information with complete security. 

As a centralized platform for your business data, a file converter solution lets workers create, edit, search, change paper sizes, and share PDF files with ease. Furthermore, team leaders can view, modify, ask for suggestions, trace changes made by users with access to the separate PDF file to keep track of their members’ productivity levels and contributions. 

Through a shared platform between your geographically dispersed suppliers, partners, and employees, PDF conversion software adds more pace to the decision-making process while streamlining communications and business processes. You can also insert graphical elements, attach files, and add comments to improve work efficiency and operations velocity. 

Optimizing Businesses Using File Converters

Many organizations put significant investments in optimizing their existing business processes to increase efficiency, enhance flexibility, and ensure that all are working in sync effectively with minimal errors or wastage. Using file converter software is critical in automating and batch converting documents that allow you to free up employee resources and focus on your organization’s core initiatives as well as increase document security.

Total PDF Converter is a dynamic file conversion software that empowers organizations to convert documents into more than 1400 file formats, including TIFF, Docx, Doc, and PDF. It also boasts advanced PDF tools such as a smart auto setting that enable users to set page counters and take advantage of renamer and fit-to-page capabilities. Total PDF Converter offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day free trial on their PDF converter, which is available for a one-time perpetual fee of $39.90.

7 Best Ways to Open a PST File Without Outlook in 2022

Top methods to open PST files without Outlook. Read PST files in 7 different ways using simple viewers.

Nowadays more and more people are turning to free email clients on instead of paying for Microsoft Outlook. This is a great idea, until you want to open an old .pst file without Outlook. Many online email clients (and standalone desktop clients) do not support Outlook OST and PST files.
There are several excellent tools that will help you to open .pst files without Outlook. Below are five of these tools:

1. CoolUtils Outlook Viewer

CoolUtils Outlook Viewer allows you to view PST and OST files without Outlook. This free tool is easy to use and allows you to open both PST and OST files as well as sort files and generate reports so you know what emails you have. Files from Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 are supported. This free viewer also allows you to convert your PST and EML emails to use with other email clients such as Thunderbird.
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Converters As Translators

Language is a fascinating creature. Somewhere, it was recognized that certain groups did certain things better than others, and so the language of the experts came to dominate that trade.

Language is a fascinating creature. Somewhere, it was recognized that certain groups did certain things better than others, and so the language of the experts came to dominate that trade: Portuguese for sailing, German for the sciences, and English for trade. Eventually, if you were interested in those areas, you spoke the appropriate language. It was more than just a good career move; it enabled you to conduct negotiations, limit your dependence on others, and you basically can pursue options that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

However, eventually everyone became as good as they were, so mastering those languages didn’t matter as much. As more nations expanded their navies and colonies, they became just as good. In short, languages that once provided the lingua franca of their areas were relegated to just another voice in the crowd as the country they represented faded in significance, and being a translator became an in-demand job.

Today, we are facing the same problem on an electronic level. As a company rose to prominence in a specific field, it was able to define which audio format that field used for its day-to-day business. Until that happened, those in the field used whatever audio format they wanted for their programs, creating a certain degree of chaos until some company became big enough to establish a specific format for the industry (like MP3). Open-source OGG is not as popular as it used to be and tody you have to convert OGG to MP3 to listen to it. At the same time, it’s possible for someone new to the field to knock down an established format by showing that it’s the superior format and establishing itself as a leader in the industry.
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