Top-10 Best PDF Converter Apps for Windows in 2024

Discover the Top-10 PDF Converter Apps for Windows 2023! Boost productivity and convert files seamlessly. Read more on Coolutils Converters Blog

10 Best PDF Converters for Windows in 2024

PDF files have become an essential part of our digital lives. They are often used to share papers, forms, and diverse types of information. However, sometimes we need to convert them to other formats, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, to make corrections or extract important data. That’s where PDF converter apps come in.

Whatever the task is, having the right tool on hand helps save you time and energy. But with so many options available nowadays, knowing which is best suited to meet your needs can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, let’s explore the top PDF converters for Windows in 2024. We’ll go over each app’s features, functionality, and more!

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Top 4 Free AutoCAD File Viewers

Looking for CAD printing tools that don’t require AutoCAD? Our article introduces 4 excellent alternatives to AutoCAD for CAD printing 🖨️

The DWG file format is not a widely used file extension. Professionals like engineers would, however, be knowledgeable of this extension. Although opening these files is typically straightforward, occasionally, there may be some difficulties. The drawing is extracted into DWG. It is a digital format that holds information on both 2D and 3D designs. Fundamentally, DWG is a CAD or Computer-Aided Design. This file format was developed in the 1970s by Autodesk, the company that created AutoCAD. The illustrations are made up of binary-coded metadata and vector picture data. The majority of CAD software, particularly AutoCAD software, employs it as their native format. Today, architects, constructors, and builders utilize DWG extensively for a range of design tasks. There are some methods to view DWG files without an AutoCAD DWG files converter. 

If you work in architecture or design, you may often need to view and print CAD files, however, CAD printing can be expensive if you don’t have AutoCAD installed on your computer. Fortunately, there are CAD printer tools out there that work very well, without AutoCAD on your computer. Whether you are printing black and white or full color CAD drawings, the tools in this article are excellent alternatives to AutoCAD for CAD printing.

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11 Ways To Open an MSG File Without Outlook

Don’t let the lack of Outlook prevent you from accessing your MSG files. Discover the best MSG viewers in 2023 that let you read your emails immediately! 📩

With the development of mailing technologies, people have begun to move away from Outlook — the all-in-one tool for managing your correspondence. The idea of switching to a free mailing service is tempting, but you may run into problems when processing MSG files. Alternative mailing services rarely recognize this file format, so you need a special tool to open and display these files. Open MSG files without Outlook with the help of 11 free conversion tools reviewed below.

The MSG format is usually used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails. You can typically view MSG files by launching your desktop mailing client, but to process them, you need a relevant powerful tool. Consider the use of these 11 free MSG file viewers, and choose the best according to your taste:

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Combine Multiple Files Into One PDF Without Acrobat

Is it possible to combine multiple PDF files into one without Acrobat? You can do it using PDF Combine Pro. The advantage is that it supports many source files.

Can you combine multiple PDFs into one? If you have Acrobat, the answer is simple. You can click on the tools menu and select combine files, merely adding the files you want by clicking, dragging and dropping. You can even reorder the files into a particular order. The killer comes when you realize that Adobe Reader, the free version of Acrobat, does not allow you to create or edit PDFs. So, what if you haven’t bought this relatively expensive software? It is still possible to combine multiple PDF files into one without Acrobat.

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8 Best Ways to Open a PST File Without Outlook in 2023

Top methods to open PST files without Outlook??Read PST files in 8 different ways using simple viewers.?

Here are the top methods to open PST files without Outlook. Learn how to read PST files in eight different ways using simple viewers.

A personal storage table (PST) file is an efficient solution for data storage, especially for people struggling to keep track of their emails, contacts, and communications. Not only do PST files offer a safe and reliable means of storing sensitive data, but they also serve as an email data backup system for Microsoft Outlook and offer offline access.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to free email clients instead of paying for Microsoft Outlook. This is a great idea until you want to open PST files without Outlook. Many online email clients (and standalone desktop clients) do not support Outlook OST and PST files.

Luckily, several excellent tools can help you view .pst files without Outlook. This guide provides eight simple ways to open PST file without Outlook:

1. CoolUtils Outlook Viewer

CoolUtils Outlook Viewer allows you to view PST, OST, and even an MSG file format without Microsoft Outlook. This free tool is easy to use and allows you to open both PST and OST files as well as sort files and generate reports so you know what emails you have. Files from Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 are supported. This free viewer also allows you to convert your PST and EML emails to use with other email clients such as Thunderbird.
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How to convert FITS files?

Total Image Converter is extremely efficient in managing a wide range of batch conversions. It will help you to convert multiple FITS files at once.

What is the fits-files? How do they differ from all the others?

The FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is a standard format used particularly for storing, transferring and processing scientific images from fields such as astronomy. FITS was first launched as an open standard in the early 1980s and has gone through several subsequent upgrades. FITS files contain not just images, but also data related to photometry and spatial calibration, and information about the origin of the image. Similar formats include FIT and FTS.

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How To Provide Tiff Invoices in PDF Format Overnight

Once you need to convert your TIFF files to PDF Format, Coolutils Total Image Converter software will help you.

Ever faced the rush of proving the right documents on time? Things get worse when your files are in TIFF and you have to produce PDF. You search for the solution but some of your TIFFs are not processed. Time to panic.

Thank God here is the file converter you can trust most sophisticated files. Here is the feedback we received last week from our user:

“The workflow challenge we are dealing with is being able to convert TIF files to PDF. As part of an audit process, our finance department must sometimes provide up to hundreds of vendor invoices in PDF format. The original invoices are scanned in our corporate Accounts Payable office and saved as a TIF. For about 10-20%, although the TIF may be viewable, the format/header info is incomplete or corrupt.
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How do I open DWF Files?

CoolUtils offers Total Cad Converter, which allows saving DWF file as PDF or TIFF. This software allows to share the data easier with those who do not have AutoCAD.

Opening DWF file in AutoCAD seems the obvious answer to the question. However, AutoCAD is expensive and unless you have a good reason for the investment in specialist software, a waste of money. Therefore, you need to find an AutoCAD DWF viewer and file converter that will help you see the contents of the file for free, or without costing the earth.

open dwf files

CoolUtils offers the Total Cad Converter, which will allow you to save your DWF file as a PDF or a TIFF. This software will allow you to share the data easier with those who do not have AutoCAD, resolving the problem at the source. This is a great choice, as DWF files are prone to corruption, so converting them to PDF or TIFF helps a costly loss of work.
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