How To Convert HTML Files Server-Side

A huge percentage of companies, organizations and businesses have adopted the use of PDF as the standard publishing format in the last decade. If you have not yet established one for your business, then you are missing out something great. Perhaps, turning your documents into PDF, JPG, RTF, TXTW, DOCs and XLS and much more • Read More »

Split PDF By Invoice Number

PDF files are incredibly convenient when it comes to passing info around and reading material but once you need to edit or interact with the files things can get tricky. For example, if you need to split a PDF file containing multiple invoices into separate documents, things can get awkward pretty quickly. Download our powerful • Read More »

New Options In CoolUtils Converters

At CoolUtils, we have developed a huge range of products over the last decade that have helped thousands of users worldwide improve their workflow and save enormous amounts of time and effort when it comes to file conversion and other common office tasks.

Archive Emails That Arrived Last Week

Again we have updated Total Outlook Converter by your requests. It turned out that some of our customers use the converter to archive their emails on a regular basis. Some people do it once a week, others once a month. So they all want to filter only specific emails in order to avoid dupes. Say, • Read More »

Smart Email Conversion

Adam from Energy Insurance Group contacted us last week with an interesting request. They use Total Mail ConverterX to store emails. During the conversion they also give output file new names. Luckily our converter allows taking the elements of the email to create the filename. However, the company uses SharePoint to store files, which gets • Read More »

ASX to MP3? Easy!

The Total Audio Converter lets you quickly and easily convert ASX to MP3, and many other mainstream audio formats. The somewhat obscure ASX extension can only be opened by a few programs, leaving the majority of users that encounter this file wondering how to open it. With our ASX to MP3 Converter, you can open • Read More »

New Email Converter Support for Visio & MS Project Attachments

Here at CoolUtils we’re always looking for new ways to improve old apps. One way that we’re able to accomplish this is through meaningful user feedback. Sometimes, users contact us with a suggestion that we add support for something specific. Although we may not act on every request, we’re always quick to respond when adding • Read More »

How To View MBOX Files – Freeware

Due to the concatenated (long string of text) nature of the MBOX format, it can be a challenge to work with. Fortunately our free MBOX Viewer provides you with all the solutions you need to make working with your MBOX files quick and easy.

Find PST Files

Total Outlook Converter is a great tool to convert Outlook emails. However, if you have dozens of PST files scattered around different folders on your computer, it’s hard to find the necessary one. Joshua from Edocs pointed iy out to us. Once we found a problem we can find a solution, right?

Old Menu Bar Is Back

Sometimes old programs are better than new ones (I wish Windows learnt this lesson!). We introduced a new Total Image Converter some time ago. Here, at CoolUtils, we thought you will like it. However, we got a ton of emails asking for an old program back!