How To Provide Tiff Invoices in PDF Format Overnight

Ever faced the rush of proving the right documents on time? Things get worse when your files are in TIFF and you have to produce PDF. You search for the solution but some if your TIFFs are not processed. Time to panic.

Thank God here is the file converter you can trust most sophisticated files. Here is the feedback we received last week from our user:

“The workflow challenge we are dealing with is being able to convert TIF files to PDF. As part of an audit process, our finance department must provide sometimes up to hundreds of vendor invoices in PDF format. The original invoices are scanned in our corporate Accounts Payable office and saved as a TIF. For about 10-20%, although the TIF may be viewable, the format/header info is incomplete or corrupt.
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From RAW to JPEG: converting photographs

As a photographer, you will more than likely choose to shoot in RAW format. It is possible to change your camera to capture JPEG images – but you will lose a lot of the quality along the way. A RAW file is significantly larger than a JPEG file, as there is so much detail within the image. This is due to the subtlety of light and depth you can capture. Have the original file to work with in your editing software allows you more opportunity for creating a truly stunning image.
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Top 5 Free Services to Convert GIF to PNG Reviewed

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is so-named because they tend to be universally accepted across media and platforms. The good thing about PNG files is when turned to animations the file can support 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency, something you cannot achieve with a GIF. So, with an understanding of why you might want to find a GIF to PNG converter, here are the best five free services to do the job.

CoolUtils Online Image Converter
Start with the friendliest of online GIF to PNG converter. You would choose this online tool because of its simplicity. You click select, choose your file, select your convert option – here it would be PNG, but you can convert to many others. Then, you click download the converted file, and the job is done.
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3 Simple (Cheap!) Ways To Convert GIF To PDF

There are many reasons why you want to convert your GIF to PDF. You may wish to combine GIFS into PDF in a portfolio of images for publication, you may be looking to create quick to load digital content, or you want a smaller file to store many images. Here we explore three simple ways to convert GIF to PDF, helping to make this task straightforward and quick. And affordable too:)
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Easy file sorting in Total Image Converter with the Advanced Filter Button

advanced image sortingA very useful tool now is available in Total Image Converter, with the help of which you can easily and automatically sort images in the several ways. The Advanced Filter provides sorting by photos’ name, size and date.
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