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Faster CAD Conversion

CAD conversion is now quicker with Total CAD Converter. We have optimized Total CAD Conversion features and as a result received several times faster conversion of CAD files in batch. We are aware of the time spent to convert heavy files of drawings what usually CAD files are. And for hundreds of such type of • Read More »

Total Outlook Converter new printing option

We do our best to develop the software you want to have and find efficient to use. Our team takes into consideration what should be modernized or upgraded to make conversion more productive. One of the options you asked was to add letter printing to Total Outlook Converter.

New Search Option in Total Outlook Converter Pro

One of our customers asked for a new option in Total Outlook Converter Pro. “Is it possible, to filter the Emails in the mask, where all Emails are listed, whre they need to be checkmarked. Like a filter-search in Outlook, so I can make a search for specific Emails in Totalt Outlook converter, in which • Read More »

How to Convert Emails And Rename Attached Files

Converting emails with attachments helps to keep important information from your mail history in local copies, suitable for reading and editing, if needed. Total Mail Converter Pro is able to process attachments in different ways – convert them to a new format, save in original format to a folder, insert some types of attached files • Read More »

Convert Emails With Travel Itinerary To Pdf

Today we most often buy tickets online. It’s a fast and easy process. However, sometimes you get emails with your travel itinerary as.. an email! What if you want to place it to a special folder along with other travel related files? I personally prefer PDF copies rather than MSG or EML files.

How To Change Paper Size Of The PDF File

Total PDF Converter doesn’t only convert your PDFs to other formats. It also provides ability to edit existing PDF files in different ways, adapting their look and feel for your needs. With the help of this program you can resize your PDF document or adapt a few pdf files to one common size.

CoolUtils Photo Story 1 – Kids

Here is a small photo story about CoolUtils. While the famous coolutils converters are developed by big serious adults, there is a kid in each of them. And a kid next to the feet of each of them. Our kids is smth that inspires us and makes us move forward.

Convert HTML Files Without Fit-to-page Option?

Total HTML converter hit 4 million downloads this year so we thought we know what our customers want. We were wrong:) While most users convert HTML files to, say, PDF and use Fit-to-page option, one customer asked how to turn it off. Surprisingly there was no special key to do it via command line.

CoolUtils Is 100% Safe

The web today is full of harmful sites, viruses and annoying adware. is quite different. And it is quite easy for us: we host only our own programs and always reject any offer to add some adware into our installers (we get them every month!). We want our users to get the best file • Read More »

Free CAD Converter Online at CoolUtils

If you urgently need to convert a couple of CAD drawings into PDF, JPEG or other formats, you are not required to install desktop Total CAD Converter, spending time on configuring it on your computer, adjusting conversion parameters, etc. You can use online CAD converter that features the major options of the desktop version and • Read More »