How To Provide Tiff Invoices in PDF Format Overnight

Once you need to convert your TIFF files to PDF Format, Coolutils Total Image Converter software will help you.

Ever faced the rush of proving the right documents on time? Things get worse when your files are in TIFF and you have to produce PDF. You search for the solution but some of your TIFFs are not processed. Time to panic.

Thank God here is the file converter you can trust most sophisticated files. Here is the feedback we received last week from our user:

“The workflow challenge we are dealing with is being able to convert TIF files to PDF. As part of an audit process, our finance department must sometimes provide up to hundreds of vendor invoices in PDF format. The original invoices are scanned in our corporate Accounts Payable office and saved as a TIF. For about 10-20%, although the TIF may be viewable, the format/header info is incomplete or corrupt.

So when we try to convert a batch of TIF’s using Adobe Acrobat Pro, this 10-20 % gives an error. I worked with Adobe on an open Case to research the TIF to PDF conversion errors. They said it’s an issue when the Invoice is being scanned in Accounting. We can do a Print to PDF on each file that works, but it’s manual. Of course, that adds much time and not preferred.

tiff to pdf

After searching online, I found your Total Image Converter software program. After testing on several batches of “good” and “bad” TIF’s, they all converted and merged into a single PDF fine. That was great news! Plus your application didn’t have any file quantity or size limitations, compared to others I had found.”

As Manager Rates & Regulatory James was happy to solve the issue with Coolutils converter.

Coolutils is not limited to image file types, Our converters support XLS, DOC, CSV, DXF, CAD, HTML, XML, MP3. MP4, FLAC, MOV, AVI, PST, MSG, EML, and many other formats. Once you need to have your data in new file types, Coolutils will help you.